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The School of Love~Awareness teaches the cultivation of Nous / Buddhic consciousness / Love~Awareness. Nous, from Gnosis, is Greek word meaning realisation by direct perception, Buddhi is a Sanskrit word meaning the same. SLA teaches the cultivation of pure consciousness, Nous / Buddhi, as a vehicle for education and general Loving awareness. Further applications include; Causal Stress-management and Causal Conflict resolution, Meta-Loving and social healing, subconscious re-trance-formation of ingrained, limiting thought / behaviour patterns and trauma, space clearing and the cultivation of sacred space. SLA is a transpersonal psychology of awareness studies, it is not a religion and can be used by religious or secular minded persons alike. SLA teaches awareness and transformation of unconsciousness into consciousness. VDT is a sublimation technique which transforms duality into non-dual awareness. Non-dual consciousness is a Divine quality which allows one to become ‘aware’ of the spiritual plane. 

The Term  – Love Awareness – used by SLA refers to Nous or Buddhic consciousness. To understand Nous or Buddhi we can consider 7 levels of consciousness which every person has. If we consider that there are elemental materials which have composed the universe as we know it and as we will discover latter to more depth. Of these elements, 5 are intimate and immediately recognised and known; earth, water, fire, air and space. These 5 give us our physical body and solid objectivity on our planet, fluids and the vitality of all forms which is contained in the fluids magnetic aspects just like a wet cell battery contains the electric charge. Fire which enlivens and animates the fluid capacity of forms and air which provides both a space for movement of forms as well as the context in which to perceive forms and contemplate the duality which forms differentiate. Then the space element within which these other 4 exist, which carries the sound and light of consciousness and life, or the electrical and magnetic subtle fluids which then charge fire with life in turn charging the magnetism of water with energy.

Mastering Duality and Non-Duality: Every problem in today’s world is a result of our inability to control our mind. The present human mind is easily confused by the infinite apparent dualities. All problems and suffering arise and are maintained by confusion and ignorance. The primary element of this confusion is duality. Mankind must learn to enter non-dual states of mind in order to master dualistic states of mind and evolve beyond the present global crisis.

Education is About Duality and Awareness. In real terms then, education is a question of awareness as awareness is the vehicle for education and education itself. And that awareness concerned with the phenomenology of our lives of course, but also with the pre-eminent subjectivity of the quality duality which this system of our world is influenced by. We exist in a political matrix where that duality is expressed and governed but never overtly disclosed or discussed. The normative paradigm is the polarisation of conflict and commerce and the system revolves around the kingpin of the secret science of duality and organised chaos. The status-quo therefore offers an education system wherein we learn about the undisclosed secret of duality as a silent war which must be survived and paid for even by every citizen of the state.

The problems socially are problems of duality. The problems in education are contingent upon the predication of the dualistic social state, and both the wanton competitive tension and assumption of all available awareness that it sequestes. The resolution of these dualities allow real education to begin and that education begins with placing awareness as the central subject because awareness is the vehicle for education and education cannot function without it. So, an awareness studies curriculum is an essential installation into any education system. Which curricula teaches both the resolution of duality and pure awareness, or non-dual awareness.

Awareness is Direct Experience. Education is an epistemological concern, a question of the inherent nature of things as they are in themselves, as they have been created by the universe, man or machine. Education is a process of awareness of the nature of our perception and the objects it holds in truth! This is a process of the soul and ego engaging directly with phenomenological experience. The organic solar technology of the ego being the thing in concern and usage, a faculty and power far greater than modern machines in its design and capacity. It is merely the case that we have yet to allow a mass recognition of this innate human being that we are in its fullness and what it is capable of, that we so evidently remain smitten and captivated by machines instead.

Integral education is concerned with the inclusion of the soul of wo-man, the spirit of mankind and the integrality of their synthesis with the personality. This meta triad playing out across 7 planes of consciousness with their diverse phenomenology entails a protracted discussion on integral education. To read about the full thesis of The School of Love-Awareness please consider, ‘The School of Love-Awareness: Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology’ download here. 

Stress is a dualistic dynamic. Stress is tension. Tension can only exist between two poles. Two poles in relation to each other are dualistic. Therefore, the primary nature of stress is duality. The primary nature of all creation is duality, the nature of tantra uses duality as a way to enter non-dual love ecstasy. Tantra is the perfect path for modern living, as the ground for transformation is everywhere. The body breaths in and out, is born and dies. The energy’s ‘identity’ is attracted to its opposite; male to female and female to male. The emotional agency desires its objects or finds itself aversion to other objects, and the thinker has her thoughts. Thus the personality is a dualistic creature and creates and lives in a dualistic world. 

A world which also changes constantly therefore it is tricky to secure one’s desires. In the rational, intellectual climate it is normal to engage in prolonged campaigns to secure desires, the duality of these concerns is focused though and intensified in the mind like never before. Thus the mind is pre-eminently a dualistic tool. 

When the mind is mastered through concentration it can be employed to allow the heart to ‘know’ what the inherent nature of an experience, object, memory, perception is, directly and completely. This is a higher, deeper, more authentic way of knowing because it is fundamentally non-dual. By stilling the dualistic weather of the mind-stuff it allow the heart to merge -through love- with the object in non-dualistic inclusion and hence ‘know’.

The mind is an instrument which we are still learning to use. Much as certain emotional standards of behaviour have been / were conceded by most civil societies, the mental body and its dualistic volatility is our present task in achieving a minimum working balance. The gravity of the principle here can be understood better in conjunction with the premise that, the world we experience is a result of our states of mind. The result of our desires, plans, filters of perception, partiality, preference and intelligence. The quality of our minds equal the quality and structure of our experience. Therefore our ability to master the dualistic mental stress qualities of unwise action, misperception, reaction, illusion, loss and fear, etc are primary and causal to the creation of a world of happiness.

Desire and aversion are both the dualistic poles of desire. True satisfaction, even joy is only consistently possible by mastering the dual based energy of desire and aversion. Craving, though often sweet, is leads to suffering. True happiness transcends desire. Violet Diamond Practice takes the fragmented elements of The Self which have become involved and lost in desire, and re-aligns them through a transpersonal science to reveal the real Self again. This process frees the soul, simultaneously disclosing how its involution in ignorance was chosen. This is the value and quality of wisdom. There are variations of the practices for all ages, which involve the unfoldment of perception that stress is based in the duality of desire and aversion. This perception is unfolded through specific transpersonal meditation, the Violet Diamond Practices. The awareness required to recognise this causal duality is mediated, clarified via the energy of joy, through which the causal duality of stress is collapsed into non-dual peace and constant bliss. 

There is a need for focused methods of entering non-dual states rather than just fingers pointing at the moon and non-dual rhetoric. To understand duality and non-duality is a tantric question which is based on sexual polarity; the most profound duality which is and through which all things we created. The need is to master both duality and non-duality, to make the mundane spiritual and the spiritual common place. VD Practice is a syllabus which trains the consciousness to discover and use multiple fractal bridges between the dual and non-dual states across 7 planes of consciousness. 

Duality exists everywhere there is anything which can be called existence, although there is also existence in non-dual or pre-dual states of varying degrees. The non-dual existence will be discussed latterly after duality, a more familiar yet still less understood field, has been clarified. All created existence, up until non-dual existence, is dualistic, and its nature of existence is characterised by non-duality just as the nature of unified existence is non-dual. The field of duality is such that the aggregates of that field and the planes of existence within it are held in the aperture of their existent continuum by being strung into being on the axis of two poles. These two poles of magnetic or electrical, one is a positive and one a negative and together, as the seed idea is penetrated by the latent all pervasive life energy, creates an insular field of non-dual energy for the manifest energisation of the seed idea into form, of whatever material the plane of its emergence and existence is constituted from. Whether a physical body, a sexual / energy body, an emotional or mental body, the seed of a plant, a rock, the element water, through to second order objects of manufactured articles created by men by aggregating such raw materials of elemental compositions. Whether, therefore, physical, energetic or supra subtle up until the frequency which touches resonance with non-dual speeds of conductivity through all planes, these ‘things’ are in manifest existence because of the generic motif of duality or polarity, whether understood as magnetism and or electricity. The very many numbers of ‘things’ is as limitless as the infinite non-dual life field from where they emerge as per imaginings of minds which dream visions of what can be created. The common elements are such as those found in nature, from earth and fire through to boron, carbon, silica, gases and so on, but more importantly the common element is the genre or structure of duality. Although electrical magnetism, it is also pertinent to consider its nature as change or time, as the self determining nature of numerous minds which dream visions and mold life energy into form constitute a play of creative freedom which effect, like seeming weather, the manifestation of infinite constellations of created forms, themselves then creating change, or time.

That time is the functioning expression of duality is as elemental as duality and are in fact of experiential dual flux two sides of the same coin or the two great poles of the field itself as the life energy is pulled down into mental form creative imaginations, the mind being the negative or attractive pole to the life field’s positive pole. A field then, exists with creative determination held upon a ladder of its elemental material up through a ladder of subtle procession even as the earth supports water, whereon air has its support, and fire under air and space of aether over air, creating planes of manifest existence. Beings of the earth, water, sky etc do create on their own planes and beings, such as man, who have both the five basic elemental aggregative as well as light or consciousness and sound, or soul / mind, consciously, do create consciously on all those planes as per their degree of consciousness. What man, for example, through dreams designs on the insistence of necessity or fancy does, is to aggregate the elements available ‘within’ the structure of duality /change.

What this means is that things change and things are contrastable by variety. Things are born into being from life’s creative field and they recede back into elemental dissolution and ultimately they source creative life field. Things change and things are of verity. Although this structure exists and is provable through logical deduction, observation, experimentation, science, etc, and has been and is well documented, most people fail to see the inherent dualistic nature of duality / change, although it forms the nature of their existence and informs the tone of their inner disposition and agendas, desires and aversions. The desire is destined to meet with frustration for the ego which wants the object to remain in focused accessibility, the loosing of the object leads to frustration, the continued campaigning of desire to the security of an object protracts frustration and leads to anger. Along this axis the faculty of ego or identification is catalysed and marshalled toward the objective goal and subjective filters of perception are woven to suit that agenda. Consciousness is fragmented and loses its innate clarity in this process. This, coupled with the aversion to manifestations in its continuum which are not the object of desire and perception that that object contains something desirable as per the sophistication of the ego / consciousness at work, create a play of polarity between desire and aversion, which spurn further plays of imagined polarities within the polarity of the field of duality / change across its diverse and seemingly distinct planes of elemental consciousness. 

Non-Duality. upon that ladder or through the sheaths of that onion there is reached a quantum mass of vibration such that it touches a vibratory level of synthesis with the procession of key frequencies before its tone, into which it both absorbs and integrates or synthesises these former tones and therein flows through them as well as staying on the point of their edge. All further, higher frequencies are thus synthesised from the other angle down into and through this synthetic frequency and therefore also out through the lower keys and into their fields. Thus, through this synthetic mid point life energy does flow out into and through all manifest tones even as all sounds are a part of ‘sound’, all chords are within the seed sound. To understand this as sound has been well put in Veda and other spiritual paths. The AUM was the first create energy and from it all arose, or in the Christian path, The Word was with God and The Word was God, and through The Word all was made. To understand how this creative word of life did manifest life on diverse planes is to understand light.

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