The School of Love~Awareness teaches the realisation and cultivation of pure awareness* via a practical syllabus of Awareness Studies

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The SLA awareness based system of consciousness development in all aspects, from individual to group coaching, relationship coaching, business and career coaching, courses, seminars, education research, etc, has been developed, practised and taught over a 35 year period and can be applied to any area of life.

Conscious Relationship Coaching focuses on establishing a conscious soul connection with which to support the causal non-duality of pure love relationships. Soul Loving practices are a practical meditations which facilitates conscious soul connection and mediation of the soul’s non-dual love in relation to the fear of opening the heart and loving in the contexts of social power structures and the insecurities they engender. We would perhaps have a naturally open heart if not for the fear of feeling disdain, rejection and hatred. This is understandable if one has not cultivated a power of love which can equal the experienced of hatred and rejection, etc. Until one’s love power is developed, it can of course be scary to love, to risk being rejected or feeling hate projected into an open heart. 

SLA uses a form of Soul loving / breathing meditation as its basic method for realisation of, and practice of the power of love to heal and transform fear based conflict. Its basic structure is similarly found in other spiritual paths like Taoism, Hinduism and Christianity, where Love and forgiveness are the core elements however this practice is practically structured for ease of understanding and development. Soul Loving presupposes a certain consciousness of love with which to begin. In SLA this is facilitated through Soul meditation, indeed as the Christian way is to find love first, then on this strength to love those around you as yourself and as in Hindu Yoga where harmlessness based on an awareness of the inherent soul in all things is a foundational principle. In Soul Loving meditation the object to realise is the same non-dual energy field of the soul, however, through its utility ‘in relation’ to conflict, power and the world, etc. In other words how to practice using the non-dual energy of the soul. Through the realisation of the soul’s energy and its relationship with the world brought into conscious alignment, one can then transform the problematic nature of the world in relation to, and into the transcendent peace and power of the soul.

SLA provides a practical, direct and astute means of its realisation, through using these immediate social problems and their transformation through love as its core structural concern in realising the practice -and therein the value and meaning- of spiritual love. This is not an abstract ideal, but a viable means of transforming an emerging crisis field into a field of joy and laughter. In Soul Loving one has a practical tool through which to experience, train and master the principle love practices contained in many religious path, however in a non-religious, non-sectarian format. Practical tools help make ideologies tangible.

Meditation, like love, is divided into 3 sections: concentration, meditation and contemplation. Concentration is the willful focusing of the mind on an object. This can be likened to falling in love, where there is an intense attraction and the mind’s willful desire is to focus on its object of love which is as yet a separate thing. Meditation results from concentration and finds an oneness of mind and object, held with in intimate, effortless will. A distinction between mind consciousness and object remains but, the oneness is perfect. This is like being in love. There is a oneness of agent and object, and the object of love is known intimately by the agent. There is still a distinction between agent and object in the same way that s/he is ‘your’ lover. Contemplation / Samadhi is the effortless holding of the mind and object in unity, here the distinction between mind and object disappears and the object is ‘known’ completely as self. There is a real-isation of the subject in the object. You have become the object. This is similar to a life time of happy marriage where the two partners are so identified with each other and know each other so well, that they have lost all notion of being separate selves. If the object of meditation is the non-dual inner peace of one’s soul then one gains an unlimited inner resource in the transformation of stress.

Soul connection is as logical as life. Furthermore, these three aspects of the soul in relation to the personality can be likened to a light bulb. There are now four elements. The electrical fire which is fed into to bulb. The material and design of the bulb, which is likened to the particular material and design of the personality (body, vitality, feeling, thought). As the electrical fire is brought into relationship with the material of the bulb the result is light. The electrical fire excites the material atoms to produce a result through its design: solar fire which gives a field of consciousness in the same way that, returning home at night one turn the light on in order to cognise the room. The fourth aspect here is that intelligent activity which can take place due to and within the consciousness. This is the same as the sun but focused in a specific design. The persona of the human soul fits the same analogy.

Conscious Relationship Coaching Packages are available following an initial session. Packages offer the advantage of applied discounts coupled with a more supported and goal specific vision. packages typrically run in blocks of 10 sessions.

Life Coaching / Meditation Tuition can be booked here with Drew

at a rate of 120 € per hour or contact us to discuss your needs

RECOVERY SPECIAL: Buy 1 Hour Coaching Get 1 Hour for Free

“Drew helped me with a soul meditation that I still use to this day. The thing that is so wonderful about knowing Drew is that he has a great depth of spiritual experience / beingness that he is able to share / confer on the person with whom his is working. He also radiates fun and joy. He radiated an unswerving joy to me when we met that made me see that there was a joy inside of me, that, despite what I was going through at the time, which was hugely difficult, I could access that joy. That joy that he highlighted in me could then be infused into all of the perceived difficulty I was experiencing and raise it up for healing and purification. With great ease, he said, “I see the pain you are in and it doesn’t frighten me. In fact, there is a lot more to you, my friend, than the pain and confusion that you are experiencing now and I am willing to walk with you a while and support you in seeing the whole, not just the current lesson and struggle.”


“I met Drew through a seminar I was facilitating at. I have had my own personal practice for years, but was looking to take it to a higher level. I was waiting for the right person. I joined Drew’s session at the seminar and was duly impressed by the quality of mediation and soul connection that he enabled. I followed up with him and we began some 1-1 work. We covered several methods including the SLA practices of soul loving and Violet-Diamond-Transformation. Violet-Diamond-Transformation took me to a whole new level in meditating. Afterwards I felt as though something had been lifted off my chest and I felt that I was vibrating at a higher level. People close to me commented on how grounded I was and how radiant I looked. I felt a sense of potency about my life and all that went with it. This feeling encouraged me to keep the practice up. Now, a year on, I still practice this meditation and it has become a part of my personal peace practice. I recommend this process and Drew very highly. What I found most helpful about Drew was his practical capacity to lead meditation, his strong intuitive ability to identify the main areas for me to focus on and his knowledge of the art and science of meditation. It all made sense. He has a very profound knowledge of these topics and has a robust practice. Also, Drew is a very respectful person and I have a high degree of trust in his persona. Thank you Drew for enabling a tangible connection to my own soul. This is priceless.”


“I have attended Drew’s course when I was close to burn out and didn’t know what to do any more. The impact the one week intensive teachings and meditations had on me, immediately and over time, was astounding. Synchronicity started becoming part of my daily life again and things, that I had long wished and hoped for, manifested. The course allowed me to realise that I can be replaced at work and that only by being full, authentic and deeply centred, would I be of service to others again. They say you meet the right teachers at the right time. This surely has been true in my case!”


“My wife and I consulted Drew for a two day workshop on our quest to a more harmonious, open, true and understanding relationship. One of Drew’s gifts is to describe complex issues – such as conflicts between humans, why they happen, where they come from and what lies underneath them – in very simple, clear and extremely wise words. To get this understanding and tools such as SLA soul loving 1 and 2, to heal parts of the underlying energies of the conflict and stress we had, has nourished our relationship. We know that we have a long way to go and we still plan to continue with more workshops. Practising with patience we felt guided by the way Drew has followed up our process so far.”

Felix and Collette

“The sessions with Drew made it possible for me to change my job after only 2 weeks of working with him. I was aware that this was the step I had to take and his counselling supported me to act in a direction that I was afraid of before, because of limiting myself. Today I see myself being able to communicate more honestly and be true to my heart. I now am able to take decisions that feel true to my real self. I am thankful for Drew’s ongoing support and I am totally convinced that his work is what we need for a better world. I am amazed that we only had about three intensive sessions, that changed my life a lot and made dreams come true.”


“How to describe an experience, which changed my understanding of consciousness? I had the opportunity to get to know a guided meditation by Drew. My aim was to find a way to deal with my fear. What I found was a way to feel a wide open love. A love that comes out of myself, which connected me with the whole world. With Drew’s guidance I connected in meditation with another person. I thought, that I saw the soul and the different facets of the man. The main thing: I felt a deep understanding and acceptance. It was like seeing myself within him. There was no difference, not an I and a he. In my state of mind we were one. A warm, lovely and centred impulse flowed through my whole body. I am grateful, that Drew helped me, to see myself and other people with different eyes.”


“During soul loving 2 meditation with another person, you can feel the other persons awareness and love trying to discover something about ‘what is being here in this moment between us and to concentrate on you, and me with you, and that’s a very soulful experience to do this together. It was direct, but you also feel it over the next days, because you know something new about yourself, which you know comes from a truth moments in soul connection with another person.”


“I learnt Violet Diamond Transformation and was amazed at how powerful it is. The practice made me feel that I was really, fully embodied in my energy and body and consciousness. It fills me with joy and awareness and I find its one of the easiest ways for me to connect with my self. I also learnt Inner-Child Soul Healing and it was also a very profound and deep experience for me. I was able to bring a love to my innerchild which I didn’t imagine was possible before and it really helped me to understand and heal some things from my childhood, which I’d been confused about for years. Now, with Violet Diamond Transformation, at last, I feel I can move on and become more my self, my real Self.”


 “Drew is a wonderful meditation teacher.”


“My first experience with meditation in general was the Soul Loving meditation 1 and 2. I did it with a partner I hardly knew, but I liked and trusted him, so I felt quite safe to do this meditation. Because I had never meditated before I really didnt expect a lot. Drew guided us very carefully and calmly, creating a peaceful atmosphere around us where I could sink into the meditation and connect with my soul more intensely than I had thought. To connect with the other person was challenging because I felt the openness of my heart and therefore vulnerability. But, I did it anyway and it was a deeply touching experience. I felt like I was getting to know my partner within a very short while and developing a really deep understanding and compassion for him. During the following days I had a new and unknown feeling of joy because of the beauty of this way of making contact and sharing.”


“Drew helped me to feel an ecstasy that I never felt before. I learnt Violet Diamond Transformation and Inner-Child Soul Healing. VDT made me feel so peaceful, centred and happy. I could touch a really deep place in my self which was it total ecstasy and peace and, even though it was new for me, I knew it was my self, my soul. The Inner-Child meditation also let me feel deeply integrated. Drew made me feel so safe and loved”.


“The world truly needs your work at the School of Love~Awareness. We’ve been praying for your success as we believe and support your mission. Much Love and Light.”

Mark and Elizabeth

“I still do the meditation and I’ve noticed that as soon as I stop meditating all my life seems to become a disaster! I don’t know why. Maybe its just that I see things more clearly now. My thoughts used to all mix together and the meditation gives me time, gives me tranquillity, takes me away and leaves me in my own spiritual world, where I find peace.”


“Drew was the first person to ever show me what love is. I didn’t know before that, I couldn’t feel it till I felt his consciousness”.


“I had a couple of meditation sessions with Drew and was very impressed with how powerful the meditations were. Afterwards I felt much more centred, positive and happier. I will be using Drew’s products to gain more positive experiences in my life and continue my journey of self improvement and self mastery.”


“Drew introduced me to the world of spirituality and has been a very good teacher in helping me to go beyond the mind, which was always a challenge for me.”