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The SLA awareness based system of consciousness development in all aspects, from individual to group coaching, relationship coaching, business and career coaching, courses, seminars, education research, etc, has been developed, practised and taught over a 35 year period and can be applied to any area of life.

Meditation training and soul realisation is provided by The School of Love~Awareness as an integral part of the transpersonal psychological structure the SLA meditation paths, as well as at our seminars and through private telephone consultation. What is the soul? The sun can be seen to have three distinct aspects: the central life or will of the sun to be, its nuclear fire. This is equitable with the central element of the soul, its will to be. Then the heat of the sun, the result of its fire. This is like the love of the soul. The resulting consciousness which pervades the solar system from this central fiery filament and allow us to exist in daylight and be cognitive, think and undertake intelligent activity. This is like the field of awareness of the soul within which it too cognises, experiences and thinks.

Meditation is divided into 3 sections: concentration, meditation and contemplation. Concentration is the wilful focusing of the mind on an object. This can be likened to falling in love, where there is an intense attraction and the mind’s wilful desire is to focus on its object of love which is as yet a separate thing. Meditation results from concentration and finds an oneness of mind and object, held with in intimate, effortless will. A distinction between mind consciousness and object remains but, the oneness is perfect. This is like being in love. There is a oneness of agent and object, and the object of love is known intimately by the agent. There is still a distinction between agent and object in the same way that s/he is ‘your’ lover. Contemplation / Samadhi is the effortless holding of the mind and object in unity, here the distinction between mind and object disappears and the object is ‘known’ completely as self. There is a real-isation of the subject in the object. You have become the object. This is similar to a life time of happy marriage where the two partners are so identified with each other and know each other so well, that they have lost all notion of being separate selves. If the object of meditation is the non-dual inner peace of one’s soul then one gains an unlimited inner resource in the transformation of stress.

Soul connection is as logical as life. Furthermore, these three aspects of the soul in relation to the personality can be likened to a light bulb. There are now four elements. The electrical fire which is fed into to bulb. The material and design of the bulb, which is likened to the particular material and design of the personality (body, vitality, feeling, thought). As the electrical fire is brought into relationship with the material of the bulb the result is light. The electrical fire excites the material atoms to produce a result through its design: solar fire which gives a field of consciousness in the same way that, returning home at night one turn the light on in order to cognise the room. The fourth aspect here is that intelligent activity which can take place due to and within the consciousness. This is the same as the sun but focused in a specific design. The persona of the human soul fits the same analogy.


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