Violet Diamond Practice Webinar

Violet Diamond Practice Webinar


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Violet Diamond Transformation is a practice of unfolding spiritual wisdom and realisation, which in turn has the effect of completely transforming the grounds for stress. It is a method of Self realisation which takes a person from where they are in their everyday life and reveals the transpersonal structure existing between their circumstance and their Soul.

Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 GMT + 10:00 – 16:00 PDT

Max 16 participants per Webinar Subjects repeat c. every 2 months

Included in price: 3 x Mediation MP3 files

+ Book: The School of Love~Awareness: Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology

16 in stock

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Violet Diamond Transformation is a practice of unfolding spiritual wisdom and realisation, which in turn has the effect of completely transforming the grounds for stress. It is a method of Self realisation which takes a person from where they are in their everyday life and reveals the transpersonal structure existing between their circumstance and their Soul. Along this alignment the energies of desire are transformed into pure unconditioned and independently fulfilled joy. Within this joy, pure awareness is revealed and within this pure awareness the spiritual essence is witness-able. The energy of desire does relate to vital, sexual desire. This is as natural as the fact that we have all come into the world through sex. We are all products of sex, therefore society is pre-eminently sexual in nature. Therefore sex is natural and any notions of sexual energy as taboo are absurd since we exist because of it. Moreover, when observing the physical universe with our own eyes, it is clear that life is filling matter with life and animating this universe. In other words life penetrates matter and creates this dynamic experience which we enjoy as our life. Sexuality is a true aspect of the spiritual nature of things. Violet diamond transformation structures the spiritual sublimation of sexual desire in a healthy way, but does not focus exclusively on sexual energy, rather it transfigures the desire nature of sexual energy to reveal its fundamental nature to be pure joy. This joy is the bridging medium which allows the life energy to fill matter. It is easy to understand that this should have the quality of joy. This joy can therefore be used as a doorway to its cause; the life, or spiritual essence. Joy has a close relationship to the dualistic energy of desire because it is refracted as the subject of the objects of desire and it is the common fabric of all desired forms. It is the backdrop, stage and even theatre of the narratives of personal desires and nature of all forms of desire. Therefore the energy of joy has the powerful transformatory effect when working with desire. How to use desire-stress rather than be used by it, to untangle the self from the fabric of desire which life ultimately is, is what VDT is about. As a result of spirit penetrating matter awareness is created. This can be likened to a light bulb; as electrical energy (spirit) penetrates the material design of the bulb (the body-mind), light is created, within which we can see (consciousness). This awareness manifests through the bridging medium of joy. VDT is a complete system of Spiritual practice with the objective of clear spiritual awareness and the embodiment of the Soul Nature which is Being, Consciousness and Bliss.

Violet Diamond Elements of Awareness  practice facilitates realisation of the Self as ecstatic being, love awareness bliss and joy, through an absorptive concentrative process through the elemental components of consciousness. The realisation of the Self is then brought into the personality bodies main energy centers. The realisation is facilitated here both as the result of absorption of core energy elements into the Self and also the process of the Self precipitated back into the personality via its energy centers and furthermore out into expression. All three stages compose the unfolding realisation of the Self.

In VDEA the elemental foci which constitute then essential building blocks of the personality. i.e. the 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air and aether, which compose respectively the physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies and absorbed back into the creative electro-magnetic / sexual element, the pure awareness element and then the element of soul-will-life. The process of absorptive concentrative alchemy operates through the principle that subtle absorbs coarse and more intense energy fields absorb fields of lesser intensity. The process reverse precipitates greater elemental intensities into manifestation. The elements exist along an axis of potencies, subtleties and intensities between life energy en mass and the psychical incarnation of the soul-ego. VDEA use this essential scientific alignment with specific structures to unfold penetrative realisation, experience and transformative creativity in the process of embodied self realisation through joy as a bridge between the elements strung as it were upon the axis of elemental light or, love awareness, to its source; life.

This is thus a profoundly focused realisation, cleansing, transformation and fusion of the self with personality is achievable through violet diamond love awareness and is greatly enhanced by having practiced other Violet Diamond Practice, such as Violet Diamond Heart Practice, however VDEA can be undertaken in and of itself. All Violet Diamond Practices constitute a syllabus which is best undertaken from VD Heart Practice, through VDT, VDEA and VD Space Clearing. Sub Conscious Stress Re-Trance-Formation is an adjunct process. That said, at level one of these formula’s either is a viable ground in itself.

Violet Diamond Space Clearing is a practical energy meditation concerned with the quality of energy in the personal system and social environment. It is an intermediate practice which requires some experience of the Violet Diamond Practices, i.e at least proficiency with Violet Diamond Heart Practice. We think both consciously and unconsciously, but either way, the thoughts, emotions and feeling of today create the world of tomorrow. That world is both a manifestation of such, and a latent field of yet more consciously and unconscious causal desire, reaction, attraction, stress, etc. The environment is progressively saturated and engineered with our intention, both consciously and unconscious.

Therefore this considering the profound effect on the environment in general an effective means of transforming the latent psychic weather is valuable, especially in today’s information packed, fast paced lifestyle. Violet light bridges coloured rays into transparent light; lower frequencies are absorbed into higher as their speeds are increased. Violet is the highest frequency of light before the sum of synergy in it becomes a white light whose filament creates the field of transparent awareness. Violet contains all colours before they become transparent. All constituents of etheric energy, emotion and thought are quantifiable as rays of light which are seeking to express their core ideas as etheric energy impulses, emotions and thoughts, to in turn appear as concrete realities.


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